This website has been created to provide interactive teaching for anaesthetic trainees. Information on this site is designed for professional discussion and learning and so is not in any way to be treated as medical advice. Discussion is intended to involve principles and overviews, it may occasionally involve hypothetical cases, these must not involve or refer to information about real patients. 

1) Presentations should be submitted to me before the Tuesday teaching session
2) Consultants can use the presentations as a focal point for teaching trainees during the week
 – This is also an ideal way to get assessment boxes ticked…
3) Questions should be posed via the comments section at the end of each page. 
4) The collective wisdom of the department, will I suspect be able to provide an answer, if not, it is the responsibility of the weekly presenter to answer questions (and post a response on-line) prior to the next Tuesday session.
Site Content is Copyright Protected

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